Sunday, December 5, 2010

A trip to the suburbs

The Breyeler Foundation houses an outstanding collection of modern art in an architecturally interesting building in the suburbs of Basel. There's a current traveling show of the artisti Klimt, but we saw most of these works on a previous trip, at their home in Vienna. And, frankly, he is not one of our favorite artists, although the colors are beautiful. But the trip to the suburbs sounds interesting, so off we go on the tram.

I forgot to mention in the description of our flat the wonderful Tassimo coffee maker. Good coffee keeps us going, and this one is very good with its little pods of coffee.

So with two cups of coffee we are off...

Along the way we pass probably five or six city blocks of community gardens, most with little garden houses, and many with bar-b-que pits and patios. This picture is taken from the moving tram, so it is not a good one. But we have never seen so many little garden plots--quite a busy activity for those folks living in apartments without room to garden. This must be quite a sight in the summer time.

This is the Breyeler Foundation with its outside reflecting pool that comes right up to the wall of the building. The snow was heavier as we left the down town.

This bench filled with snow almost looks like a piece of sculpture.

The gazebo overlooks fields to the hills beyond the town.

A view of the open areas...

The snow is held on the leaves of the azaleas.

Nice trip. Most of the houses were single family or duplexes with small yards, as we moved away from the density of downtown. I would guess we traveled about twenty miles, still on our tram line week's ticket.

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