Tuesday, December 7, 2010

City walks — Munster, December 3

Walking the city, looking at the buildings, admiring the Christmas decorations is good fun. Around each corner there are little vignettes of buildings of different sizes, different ages and varied color schemes, roofs all touched with snow to give a Christmas-y look. The walk to the Munster Cathedral took us up a hill over looking the river.

The walk took us along narrow streets with a church spire in the background. This spire is not the Munster, rather it is near Barfusserplatz.

Here's a hat store--all hats and scarfs for both men and women, including accessories such as feathers or decorated hat pins.

This house with red timbers and green shutters must look like Christmas all year round.

Another house with beautiful shutters

The munster...

The sundial on the Munster tower...

This building has the reverse color scheme of the one above with its red shutters and greenish-gray timbers.

Handsome gate to this building complex...

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