Saturday, December 4, 2010

Other ways of getting around

There is walking, and everybody seems to be doing it...

And there is biking, but not as many bikes or bike lanes as there were in The Netherlands...

Even the mailman delivers the mail by bike.

And there are the ferries..

These ingenious little boats cross the Rhine between the bridges for about $1.80 per person.

The boat is attached to a cable which is attached to a movable block on a cable across the Rhine. The bow is pointed 45 degrees off the flow of the river and the current pulls the boat across the river! No power needed, other than the river.

Here's the cable across the river...

Off we go--the views are beautiful...

And there are trains that run from one of three train stations to other towns and cities in Switzerland or to Germany or France.

Here's the big departure hall for the intercity train to Zurich that we take to catch our flight home, and an hour's worth of departures on the departure board.

It has been fun and easy to get around Basel.

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