Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Viking Sun

On Sunday, November 14, we left Brugge for Antwerp. Retracing the scene of the crime, we tied our luggage together and over the rail of the overhead luggage rack with a strap. This little step should protect anyone from these common grab it and run thieves. I think we will remember to do it. People who leave larger luggage in the bins at the front of the railway car are fastening the luggage with bicycle locks. This isn't the way Europe used to be, people are saying. That has been true for us, as well, but it isn't the way things are now. So we need to take the time to tie all our stuff together.

On to the Viking Sun....

Yes, it was long...

here we are flying the Dutch flag....

That's Kiwi waving from our room at the back of the ship, right next to the library.

The window washers kept us clean and tidy. Maybe they would like a trip to Montana?

Here are the Sun's vital statistics. We were about 30 fewer passengers fewer than the maximum. The crew was about 30 in number and about 30 in years, as well. They are a very competent group.

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